Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Hard Part

Many in sales view obtaining the fist visit as the hard part of the sales process. It isn't...but what is?

Many prospects will see you once. Assuming you've done your research properly, approach the call appropriately and convey the correct message - most will hear you out. They're in business - they're always looking for improved value which may help them.

 The first meeting is important, of course, but the hard part is what happens after this meeting.

Can you secure the second meeting?
Can you continue the relationship with the client?
Did you ask the right questions to uncover where, how and if you can add value to them?
Can you honour the promises made in the first meeting?
Did you show the clients you genuinely want to help them?

 The first meeting is a dress rehearsal to your continued relationship with your client...it's what happens after it that is hard!

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