Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Know Your Client

Sales is easy to be considered a 'transactional' interaction - a point in time transaction (or number of them). Real sales is a relationship - one of constant communication in both directions looking to solve challenges and identify & capitalise on opportunities.

Sometimes this solution comes from within your tool box (your products and services) - you get to sell something. This is, unfortunately, where most people focus their time. This means most sales conversations are centred around YOUR products and services. They are constantly angling for a opening/opportunity to sell their wares.

What if your client has a more pressing issue? Will you have their attention?

Clients and prospects, like you, are people. They have issues and opportunties at work - some of these rank higher than your products/services and what they do.

If you fail to connect with the person you are talking to - to understand them, what drives them, what is keeping them awake at night, what the dream is - how can you correctly determine where you can add value both today and, more importantly, in the future?

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