Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Own That Dog, Bark Loudly!

Sales is an incredibly important part of nearly every business. 

It often starts with the sole proprietor, some shoe leather and a firm belief in a product or service and the difference it can make for clients.

As a business grows, a sales force is often hired to find, court and manage clients of the business. 

Do you manage this sales force from the 'hill over looking the battlefield' - sending messages out to redirect the front line with the benefit of your birds eye view?

Or, are you leading from the front of the offensive line, sword in hand?

It's your company, your blood, sweat and tears - your livelihood.

Employing a sales team isn't a case of 'owning a dog and not barking yourself'.  You should be at the front of the pack, your bark the clearest, your bark the loudest. 

Are you part of your sales team?  Are you barking loudly?

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