Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Who You Are Is What You Sell

This doesn't mean the brand you sell or represent - it means YOUR brand.

Have you stopped to consider your brand and your values?  Your clients buy from you because they trust you - they subscribe to your brand and your values - what you stand for.  Similarly, does the 'brand' your colleagues see match that your clients experience?

Invest in yourself - think about your personal brand and brand values.  For example: 
  • Works well with others!  Do you acheive at the enhancement of others rather than their expense?  Do you take people along for the 'sales journey' or get to the finish line not worried about collateral damage?  Do others successes spur you on rather than promote jealousy.
  • Accountability!  Does your manager need to continually refocus you - or, once armed, do you self guide to achieve your goals?
  • Outcome Focused!  Do you act with confidence rather than arrogance? strength rather than agression?  Are you assertive rather than pushy?  Are your decisions and strategies always focused on the optimal client outcome - or yours?
  • One Trick Pony!  As per a previous post, are you delivering the promises made to your clients?  Like any good relationship - the work starts when they say yes, it doesn't end.
  • Pound of Flesh!  Are you tenacious?  Do you procrastinate or act towards your objectives.  There's 8 hours in the day - use them
  • Substance!  Do you actually believe and act on your words?  It is easy to say something but fundamentally more important to mean it and follow through on it.  
  • The Extra Mile!  You don't stand out by doing what everyone else does.  Different isn't better neccessarily - but it can be if it isn't what the client expected but is what they value.

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