Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Are You Average?

The 'Great' people and personalities we immediately think of didn't become iconic through doing what every one else did or just meeting expectations.  Sir Edmund Hillary is great example (excuse the pun) - his feat many years ago is even today difficult for people to achieve despite the considerable advance in technology supporting them.

Why then, in sales, is do we often refer to someone doing what was expected or promised of them as great service?  Is it great service?

If we take 'great' to be defined as 'above average' and take this in to the sales arena - by that same definition, doing what everyone else is doing isn't great service - it's just service.

Also, extrapolating out that definition, anything above 'average' could be construed as great service couldn't it?  Well, yes it could - however, by who's definition?  The customers of course.  Being above average isn't immediately great service - why not?  It has to be meaningful to the client.

Providing great service needn't be about grandiose gestures or massive expense or ceremony - more often than not, it is the regular undertaking of small, meaningful actions which provide great service.  Stressing the words, regular and meaningful.

In our personal lives, we go the extra mile for our friends, yet so many sales people don't do this for their clients.  For example, if you see a concert coming up and you know your friend likes the artist, you'll remember to tell them.....would you do this for a client?  Do you know the artists they like?  If you know your clients like crayfish and you're a diver, would you get them some?  Do you know enough about them to be meaningful? Why not?

So now you're inspired to provide great, distinct, above average service.  Now think about this:

Do you think you can be great once or twice and this is enough?
If you do it all the time for your clients, does it become 'average'?

Greatness is relative to the service level they're used to receiving and, more importantly, greatness is about consistency, not about one off gestures

Greatness isn't as difficult as we think - but it requires us to think about others and what's meaningful to them.
It requires you to be willing to be above average!  Are you average?

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