Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Outcomes < Behaviours - Are You Focused Properly?

Stop worrying about your targets!  This is just the score card.  In reality, some times you'll hit it, some times you won't. 

Rather than worry about not hitting your targets - think about WHY you aren't?  Results aren't a factor of luck - in the short term, sometimes, continually though, never. 

Hitting targets regularly is about behaviors.  Your target and results are just the sales scoreboard.  They just measure whether you're behaviors are working.  Your success can be distilled down to a simple factor of 'am I doing enough of the right behaviors?'. 

Am I calling enough prospects/clients? 
Am I following people up properly? 
Am I working my pipeline properly?

Break your targets down - not to a daily target - but a daily set of behaviors that, if you do and do properly, will ensure you hit target. 

Worrying about targets is wasted motion.  Instead trust you are doing the right things, properly, and your targets will take care of themselves.

You can control behaviours on a daily basis - you can seldom control your targets that intimately.

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