Monday, 4 March 2013

Winning or not failing?

Emotively, sales is quite a roller coaster.  We win some, we lose some and something there's a no-result.  It can be played out in an instant, over days, weeks, months or years. 

Similarly, we usually either report to someone who monitors our results or we see them in our top or bottom line.

The question to ask ourselves is are we trying so hard for the results of succeeding or to avoid failing?

Sales is, unfortunately, often an activity taken because we are 'told' to, or 'have' to to hit targets or 'meet our numbers'.  These people are selling because they are fearful of failure - they don't want to miss their targets or be the bottom of a leader board.  It isn't done with passion - it is done through necessity, fear....gritted teeth. 

This behaviour also means they often to just enough to avoid failure.  They aren't actually selling for the rewards of selling.

This is quite emotionally draining - they are undertaking something they often don't like to avoid the negative repercussions of not achieving something.  They have the wrong motivation.

Now, what if you could trust so implicitly in your sales process that your targets are not an issue.  You'll hit them, on average, all the time.  If this fear of failure or losing was taken away?  This isn't saying you will win every sale - but you will always achieve the goals your organisation sets of you?  Would you do anything differently?

This comes through realising sales is important, working out how to do it in your role and planning - sales isn't luck, it is a discipline.  Good sales people aren't continually lucky - they know why and how they need to sell. 

This is where you want to be - celebrating every month/week/whatever your successes - not wiping the sweat off your brow that your stayed ahead of the wolves on your heels for another month.

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