Thursday, 8 May 2014

Put People First…

focusgroup12Raise ‘sales’ in a workplace and you’ll instantly alienate some of the audience. Many have either had poor sales experiences or, worse, no experience but listen to those that don’t like it.

The interesting thing is, much like this blog, there is a plethora of material around to make you that great sales person. Scripts, processes, courses, features and benefit analysis and the list continues unendingly.

What good sales people actually do – is what they don’t do. They don’t listen to this noise. They don’t labour themselves with a rigid process or script. They don’t think what they do. They don’t over think how they do it.

What they do is have a very strong grasp on is why they sell. People.  Helping them improve their situation.   They understand that behind every process is a person. Benefits are only meaningful to people. A script only works if a person is prepared to listen.

There is a book I would encourage every sales person, in fact everyone, read. It was written many years ago. It is a brilliant handbook for sales – yet isn’t a sales handbook. Why? It discusses people. It just so happens – when you address the people part of selling, the balance actually takes care of itself and you don’t need to worry about it.

The book is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People. Why am I recommending this? Because no matter how hard I try – I just can’t write a more compelling piece on the importance of people.  It is also so important to me, it should be to you as well.

A good sales person will read this book and, if they don’t already , will understand why they’re good. Someone who is less skilled at sales will have an epiphany.

In order to become success at selling – focus on one thing. People. Declutter the rest of your process. Focus on your client. Help them and you will, ultimately help yourself.

If you’re truly interested in more about this – please let me know. It just so happens I know the perfect person to talk to about it.

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