Monday, 8 July 2013

You Say Price, I Say Value

There is one thing the Financial Crisis has created - a 'sale' mentality.

Walk in to any mall or down any retail area - what do you see?  Sale sign after sale sign - trying to entice clients in to a shop on price and the promise of a heavily discounted opportunity.

What do we often always then assume when a client debates our price?  We must lower it.

Really?  By discussing price, all a client is really telling you is 'I don't see enough value in what I'm buying to warrant the price you're asking of me'. 

Price is most certainly important - but value is more important.  The price someone is prepared to pay is set at how much value the client places on what the product will do for them. 

Go in to every relationship focused on improving the clients situation and price becomes less of an issue.  To add value, you need to know your client, where they're going and their freedoms and constraints.

Lead with your value - not with your price.  Show your clients where your value sits - don't hope they see it - show them.  Demonstrate it.

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