Monday, 29 July 2013

Find The Right Line

In motorsport, you often hear the expression 'go slow to go fast'.  The fastest car on the track often looks the smoothest, the neatest, the most composed - in fact, they look slower than some behind them.  They are perfectly on line with no wasted motion.

Absolute speed is critical - but wheel spinning, over steer etc scrub this speed and means you need to go quicker to recover the lost time.

Selling isn't much different as an analogy.  There is always pressure to sell quickly - targets, deadlines, management.  Like motorsport, the ultimate speed of the sales process is dictated by many variables - client circumstances and pressures, you and your team, the complexity of the sales process and client need. 

It is your skill as a 'driver' of this process, being able to see and react to the conditions, which determines how you and your finish.  Too slow, and you won't win, too fast and you won't finish. 

These many variables in sales often mean mean you need to slow down and take the time to find the right 'line' through the sales process.   Of course, this line differs for each client and, unfortunately, the client can change the conditions at any point through the process. 

How good a 'driver' are you?

As a 'team manager', do you have the right skills in the right places to find this line? 

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