Monday, 24 June 2013

Wrong Frame Of Reference

Excuses and Being Memorable touched on another topic briefly - building relationships and selling with the wrong frame of reference.

We've all attended sales meetings or been in conversations where we or our team have made assumptions about what customers will or won't do.  All of these are based on our own internal frame of reference - what we would or wouldn't do, what we've seen others do or not do or similar experiences dealing with other clients to name but a few.

Now, how many times have you done something where someone you know has said something to the effect of 'I didn't expect that from you' or 'I didn't know you were in to that'.

Most of us surprise ourselves from time to time and we certainly surprise our significant others or family.  Do you not assume our clients are the same?

Too often we do and don't do things in a client relationship because of our frame of reference - not the clients.

Do you truly know your client?  Do you know them well enough to make a decision for them without ever asking them?  Do you know them so implicitly you know what they will and won't do or how they'll react?

Next time you find yourself making assumptions about a clients reaction or decisions - how about asking them to find out the truth before making the decision for them.  Maybe you'll be surprised.

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